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UFO Crash At Roswell

UFO Crash At Roswell

Here’s what the experts are saying about UFO Crash at Roswell:

“Randle and Schmitt’s explosive and important book has set an extraordinary high standard of investigative scholarship.

– Dr. Richard F. Haines
NASA Research Scientist, (Ret.)

“This book should upset many past skeptics, for the evidence presented here raised the debate to a dramatic new level of sophistication.”

– Marcello Truzzi, Ph.D.,
Director, Center for Scientific Anomalies Research

“For decades, elite scientists, from Enrico Fermi forward, have looked at the night skies, and at the conclusion of their scientific research, asked: Why aren’t they here? From the information gathered so painstakingly by Randle and Schmitt in this book, perhaps the answer to that question is: They are.”

– Michael D. Swords
Professor of Natural History
Western Michigan University

“This is one of the most important books that I have ever read. Very intelligently written, the Roswell crash event has been established, to this reviewer, as having taken place.”

– Paul B. Bertan
Professor of Analytical Chemistry
Onondaga Community College

“In my opinion, Randle and Schmitt have done a first-rate job of detective work and investigative journalism, uncovering a story of truly monumental importance. It is rare to encounter a book that changes your conception of history. This book has that effect.”

– Donald A. Johnson, Ph.D.

“These brilliant science writers have demonstrated the validity of this (UFO) crash.”

– Chester W. Lytle
Manhattan Project,
Inventor, First Atomic Bomb Detonator

“I am almost completely convinced that the object that crashed near Roswell was composed of materials not common on Earth.”

– Major General Kenner F. Hertford, U.S.A.F. (Ret.)

“The authors put forward a roster of eyewitness interviews and documents that may make the Roswell incident the strongest case of any for E.T. visitation.”

– The Milwaukee Journal

“Randle and Schmitt have compiled sufficient data to justify a joint and openminded, scientific/legal/political investigation into the entire Roswell affair.”

– George W. Earley, Fate Magazine

“This book supersedes all previous works on the Roswell case.”

-New City Magazine

“The most comprehensive and well-written book I’ve ever seen on UFO’s.”

– Robert Sloan
Oklahoma City, OK

“The book is the best documented research into any UFO occurrence.”

– Michael Scott Stewert
Kansas City, MO

“Most persuasive evidence of a UFO crash.”

– Single Life Magazine

“Schmitt and Randle are the best investigators in their field.”

– Jerome Clark, Author,
Editor, International UFO Reporter

“Schmitt and Randle mounted a dogged and systematic pursuit, conducting scores of interviews and sifting the information uncovered by colleagues.”

– Time/Life Books

“Randle’s and Schmitt’s work is based on hard, extensive and rigorous journalism. ‘UFO Crash at Roswell’, a scrupulous examination of a purported government cover-up, is such a work. It makes a very serious charge. If proved true — and I really think it is true — what is being covered up is of major historical significance.”

– Arthur Kopit, Playwright

“One of the most exciting developments in UFO study…fascinating body of evidence by Schmitt and Randle that indicates the government was engaged in covering up something in the New Mexico desert.”

– San Francisco Chronicle

“Randle and Schmitt use scores of government documents and newspaper reports to show that the facts were hidden from the public for 40 years.”

– Surveillant Book Review

“Bibliophages who want to learn about a subject that has not received an overabundance of analytical thought in public will find ‘UFO Crash at Roswell’ a fascinating read. Throughly researched and competently written, the book sheds light on a mystery from the frontier of science.”

– Detroit Oakland Press

“Randle and Schmitt have produced a magnificent work of investigative reporting. They have truly done something extraordinary.”

– Robert J. Durant, Investigative Journalist

“There are some books that everyone with an interest in UFOs should own. ‘UFO Crash at Roswell’ is one of them. The result is a mountain of proof which will delight the true believer, astound the open-minded, and hopefully give the debunkers a real run for their money.”

– Michael Corbin and James R. Black
ParaNet Information Service

“Randle and Schmitt are competent and intrepid investigators whom I respect, a class ahead of other researchers.”

– John Adam, TIME Magazine

“The Roswell case keeps coming back stronger every year.”

– Larry King, Larry King Live.

“The alleged crash of a UFO in Roswell in 1947 remains one of the major mysteries of the 20th century.”

– CNN News

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