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The Incident

The 509th Bomb Group based at Roswell Army Air Field was, in 1947, the only atomic strike force in existence in any country in the world at the time. Perhaps the elite military unit in our armed forces, it was to be the Air Force’s first SAC (Strategic Air Command) base, and its members were handpicked for the task of delivering the atomic bomb to pre-selected targets in case of war. It was the 509th, in fact, that dropped the atomic bombs on Japan to end World War II.

Whether by mistake or by intention, the Air Force first declared that it had recovered a “flying saucer”, and that they were shipping it to “higher headquarters” for scrutiny. Within hours of that statement, however, the Air Force changed its tune and said that the 509th Command in Roswell and the local rancher were wrong – that what they had found was nothing more than a rubber weather balloon and a tin-foil radar target. To enforce this new version of the story, the Air Force resorted to the time-honored practice of witness-tampering and intimidation: monetary rewards, new duty assignments and security oaths to silence military witnesses and exhortations of patriotism, “national security” and, if those failed, outright death threats to civilians, including their immediate family-members, who saw things they were deemed not supposed to have seen. For the most part, this strategy worked, but not entirely (or we would not be writing about it here).

Since then, the Air Force has admitted that they lied back in 1947 with their weather balloon story. They now say that the debris was the remains of a rubber balloon and tin-foil radar target from a then Top Secret project – Project Mogul – which was trying to detect Soviet nuclear detonations by means of high-altitude, balloon-borne, acoustic-sensors. (A Top Secret project – yes, but the balloon and radar targets were still the same as before, if you follow that line of reasoning.) Further, to combat persistent stories of “little bodies” allegedly found along with the debris, the Air Force held a press conference in June of 1997 to declare that such stories stemmed from high altitude parachute tests – using mannequins – that the Air Force conducted during the late 1950’s. (Mental “time compression” of disparate events by witnesses was said to be the culprit.)

To counter the Air Force claims, which have been accepted at face value by the establishment media – for example, the New York Times, there is a plethora of books on the market making the case that it was indeed a UFO that crashed in New Mexico in 1947. The problem is, however, that the various investigations by private researchers have been uneven in their research methods, their use of alleged documents and eyewitnesses and, as a result, their respective scenarios and conclusions differ in many respects. It is no wonder, then, that the public at large remains confused about the case. Most believe that something happened back in 1947, but they are understandably not sure just what it was.

Our mission, then, is to determine once and for all time – and within the foreseeable future, what the true facts of the so-called “Roswell Incident” really are. We are not there yet, but we promise to spare no expense, to leave no stone unturned and to follow every lead until the truth is known and revealed to you. NOTE: according to veterans organizations, World War II veterans are expiring at the rate of 1,500 each day. Time is, therefore, of the essence.

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