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Welcome To RoswellInvestigator.Com This site is dedicated to informing those among you, the interested public, who desire to know the truth behind an extraordinary event that occurred over fifty years ago. A cover-up of the true nature of this event was immediately instituted by elements of the United States military that still survives, leaking but intact, to this very day.
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Published August 20, 2013!

Inside The Real Area 51

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The Roswell Incident

In the summer of 1947, an interplanetary craft of unknown origin crashed in the high desert region of southeastern New Mexico during a severe thunder-and-lightning storm near the small town of Corona. A local sheep rancher found its strange debris - and something else - while riding his ranch the following day. On the advice of friends and neighbors who had urged him to seek a monetary reward, he drove seventy-five miles to the town of Roswell to show pieces of the debris to civilian and military authorities, as well as local media there. The Roswell Daily Record, in a front-page, headline article a few days later, stated that a "flying saucer" had been "captured" by the Army Air Force near Roswell - not Corona - and, as a result, we have referred to a "Roswell Incident", instead of a "Corona Incident", ever since.

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