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From Russia With Love: Roswell Is Explained – Again?

Article By: Don Schmitt


The long rumored retrieval of a craft of unknown origin outside of Roswell, New Mexico in July of 1947 has apparently been solved – again. The US Government was wrong. The US Army Air Corps was wrong. The US Air Force was wrong. Moreover, and even more amazing, over 500 witnesses directly or indirectly involved were wrong! If this is starting to sound like a stuck record, we can once again thank a third party for inserting himself or herself into the case – and not speaking to a single eyewitness involved. Better known as the new American Journalism – you make yourself “the story.” The latest such attempt or “theory of the month” as we have so affectionately dubbed the endless list of alternative explanations has been christened by journalist and author Annie Jacobsen in her recent book Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base, Little, Brown and Company; New York, NY 2011. What remains most telling is that a single addendum at the close of this tome, which addresses Roswell, has generated worldwide attention from the mass media. It is clear they still have Roswell on the brain and no matter what explanations the US government presents, the media is quick to promote anything new that might address the sixty-four year old cover-up of this one single event. Even former US presidents such as Bill Clinton lament the fact that there remains in effect an ongoing cloak of silence in regards to Roswell. Anyone who manages to shed some new conventional light on the mystery is afforded instant media status. That is, anything that comes just short of the extraterrestrial explanation. The press has been well schooled and indoctrinated in carrying the water for the feds. The current result is not for lack of eyewitness whistle-blowers, but rather the stark reality that the media, specifically the American press, has been a willing accomplice to the cover-up since 1947. As one FOX News reporter put it, “This is an incredible piece of journalism.” Their motto; Never let the facts get in the way of your bias.

In this recent attempt at sensationalism, this is the overridingexample in Jacobsen’s radical and bizarre explanation for the Roswell Incident. At the least, it is lazy journalism and at the worst, it is investigative malpractice. If not for only the slightest derision by her colleagues in the press, she would have been laughed off the bookshelves. As one of the principle investigators of the true events of 1947, I am amused at the dumbing down of journalistic standards at a time when they have raised ours to the top of Mount Everest.

I recall when the US Air force was planning on a Pentagon release of their “fifth” official explanation of what actually crashed in the high desert of New Mexico in 1947. It was leaked to us that the new “theory” next to be parleyed by the Pentagon would be the recovery of a Russian flying wing with ….get this….a crew of monkeys in silver jump suits. The story would continue that their fiery descent would burn off all their hair and leave all the witnesses confused and bewildered as to what they actually were. Needless to say, everyone would naturally conclude that they were aliens from space and not earthly primates.Though maybe premature on our part, we immediately sent a FAX to Washington, DC just posing one specific question: “Which monkey was flying?” Our preemption put an end to such nonsense though I have often wondered what the media’s reaction would have been to such a silly public disclosure. Who knows? They may have come up with something as ridiculous as wooden crash dummies. Oh, that’s right….they did. Now, Jacobsen’s book revives that same foolish scenario, with a new twist on the child-sized aviators. Predictably, we see how the press laps it up with practically no journalistic standards applied. Anything but extraterrestrial sounds good to them – even a flying monkey.

Mind you, this, and all the equally unsubstantiated conclusions can be readily drawn by simply denying the testimony of hundreds of actual witnesses to the events of 1947. Next, as Jacobsen attempts, you merely expound on the words of an anonymous source she claims worked for the atomic energy commission for over thirty years, specifically associated with Edgerton, Germeshausen and Grier, Inc (EG&G). This national defense contractor has worked specifically in black operations for weapons research and development since WW2. They were a major contractor for the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) and heavily involved in nuclear testing while operating numerous facilities at Groom Lake, Nevada, which just happens to be near Area 51. The most obvious question is, unless the device recovered in 1947 was atomic powered, why would anyone at the AEC have any firsthand involvement with the Roswell Incident.

Her source now admits that he did not make all the claims attributed to him in the book. In fact, he admitted off camera to co-anchor Bill Weir of ABC News Nightline that he was merely trying to “help Annie’s book” According to Weir, the man, in his late eighties, was “obviously confused and conflicted.” Former Area 51 engineer T. P. Barnes, who is now president of a group of “51” alumni, stated, “There is absolutely no chance that that last chapter[on Roswell] was accurate.” Another source for the book sent a letter which read, “I also will not dignify the last chapter….which is a complete and total fabrication….more about the author and not about us.” Moreover, our intrepid author fleshed out the balance of the story, which amounted to about 50% of the original concoction. In other words, when you combine the two you come up with 100% confabulation.

Now, on to the book’s fictional Roswell story: The unnamed informant claims that a recovered German flying wing from WW2 was flown from Alaska by remote control and crashed in New Mexico. Thirteen-year-old children, who had been mutated by Nazi mad doctor Josef Mengele, the “Angel of Death,” cooperated with Russian President Joseph Stalin after the war, to pilot the Nazi-designed plane. The informant also claimed that the craft that crashed outside of Roswell was intended to resemble an alien spaceship and that Stalin’s goal was to create a national panic in the USA and to intimidate its military with such vastly superior technology that even the atomic bomb would pale in comparison. Stalin’s inspiration for this plot was the original 1938 broadcast of Orson Welles The War of the Worlds, which was adapted from the book by H.G.Wells and the ensuing public reaction from the radio dramatization of an invasion from Mars. We are then asked to believe that what also provoked the US military was the discovery that the writing on the crash debris was Cyrillic (an ancient alphabet from both Russian Slavic and non-Slavic language). The author surmises that the block letters from the Cyrillic alphabet is in direct reference to the actual symbolism on Roswell wreckage described by witnesses such as Major Jesse Marcel.

Jacobsen finally concludes that there was a need for an immediate cover-up for fear that the Soviets had developed “hover and take-off” flight technology and were on the brink of establishing worldwide air supremacy and preparing to attack the USA.

We will now examine precisely where this New York Times best-selling book went wrong specifically on Roswell and what we can learn from all the previous flawed attempts by others both inside the UFO community and inside the US government itself in disclosing one theory after the next – without ever taking any of the eyewitness testimony at face value. This is precisely what typically transpires when you have a preconceived conclusion about anything, and then set out to make the facts support your own scenario. Objective journalism it is not.

The mere suggestion that the Soviet Union had captured a Horton Brother’s “flying wing” at the fall of Berlin in the final days of the war in Europe in 1945 is baseless considering all the facts. None of the rumored German aircraft were operational at that time, the Nazi scientists had destroyed most of the designs, and engineering plans before the Allied forces including Russia arrived in the country. Only one prototype was recovered and that was by the United States and is presently part of the special collection at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington.

The German brothers/inventors, Walter and Reimer Horten experimented with flying wing concept aircraft, which paralleled Jack Northup and his own engineering in California during the 1930s. In addition, just as Northup, the Hortens quickly discovered that the very design of a wing-shaped aircraft had either the lift capacity or the stability of conventional planes. It is only today because of computer guidance systems that such V and wing designs are even feasible. Back in the thirties and forties, they barely got off the drawing board – let alone flew five-thousand miles from Russia to New Mexico or anywhere else for that matter.

To provide a further background on this newly propounded Roswell explanation, we need to go back to 1932. The first testing of this secret bat-like flying wing was strictly a glider designed by the Horten firm. It had a wingspan of 41 feet, a flying weight of 440 lbs and as it glided in still air, it lost altitude at only about three feet per second. The unconventional design was made public and entered in the Rhon, Germany glider championship held in 1932 and won first prize. As it made international headlines, all of the prototypes were subsequently burned to protect future plans and later models were created in total secrecy.

As earlier mentioned, aerodynamic instability was a constant problem and weight was a determining factor from model to model. The first gliders were constructed of metal tubular framing covered in thin wood panels. Next, the Germans tried thin sheet metal and eventually developed a new plastic known as “Tronal”, and was especially designed as a thin skin for the flying wing. This made the wings too light, flight characteristics were still quite dangerous, and numerous test pilots were killed.

After over ten years of all of this research and development, the result was the Horten H-IX-V2 jet fighter, which would never see operation. All detailed models and drawings were destroyed and burned in the final stages of the war in Europe. From the single aircraft that was secured by the US, we ascertained that the entire machine was built of wood, except for the frame of each wing that was welded steel and the wing tips of light alloy sheeting. The entire aircraft was lacquered with a smooth varnish finish to provide aerodynamic air resistance. In the final, phase of the war the Germans were relying more on wood due to a growing shortage of raw materials. None of these aircraft had sufficient range to reach the US from Russia. None of them involved a crew of more than two and none were ever recovered by the Soviet Union.

Most likely, the most outrageous claims made by writer Jacobsen is that after Stalin captured Josef Mengele, he was enlisted to create mutants out of prepubescent children to resemble the Martians depicted in TheWar of the Worlds. If she had demonstrated any form of journalistic research, she would have first realized that there are absolutely no descriptions of the common, contemporary humanoids always associated with Roswell prior to the incident. No books, magazines, or TV or motion pictures that portray aliens in any way, which resemble what the Roswell witnesses have consistently described. Jacobsen erroneously states that Stalin had Mengele model his mutilation of children to appear alien based on H.G.Wells’ novel. Fact: Wells’ Martians were tentacled creatures based on very earthly octopuses.

As a Nazi, Mengele was infamously known for performing grisly experiments on POWs and children. It is also true that he had conducted research on dwarves and treated them more humanly than the others. He survived the war and lived incognito for a number of years in Germany before escaping to South America where he was hunted for the rest of his life as a Nazi war criminal. Never apprehended, he would die in 1979 in Bertioga, Brazil. Just as he eluded the Americans, the Russians never captured him and had no part in Stalin’s fictional plan described in Jacobsen’s book.

The author states that Area 51 was named due to her one lone anonymous source’s claim that the crashed craft and crew of children were moved there from Wright Patterson AFB in 1951. In reality, Nevada is divided into sections and the facility just happens to be in Section 51.

We have presented and named in our best-selling book Witness to Roswell, and previous books since 1991, hundreds of eyewitnesses who were actually there in 1947. Witnesses who right up to their deathbeds swore that what had crashed, what they held in their hands, and the bodies they loaded into ambulance trucks, were not from this world. The US national media ignore all of these because their mindset is “it can’t be therefore it isn’t.” Anything but visitors from another planet is preferable by these so-called guardians and keepers of the truth. Except when it applies to Roswell – the truth be damned no matter how ridiculous the alternative theory. We chose to present the facts as presented to us by the truth bearers – the participants.

Recently, we have all observed dozens of “official” versions of what took place during the raid in Pakistan that killed master terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden. Have any of us noticed that none of these accounts comes from the actual participants? For the same reason in the past twenty years we have focused on the people who were there….not the so-called “truth’ that some government officials or some journalists want us to believe. Eyewitness testimonies convict people to prison and serve as the foundation of our judicial systems throughout the world. One can solve every mystery or crime ever committed by just sitting at our computers and tossing out “theories.” Which is precisely what all of the alternative explanations of the Roswell Incident amount to. UFO colleagues, journalists, and skeptics, who take all of our eyewitness testimony, then rewrite it into some preconceived theory to make it fit the new scenario they have created. It never matters that they have no witnesses or have anonymous sources who regurgitate what they claim to be the truth. The Roswell participants continue to be victimized by some “novelists” who “can’t shoot straight,” when it comes to quoting them accurately.

One can always pick them out in any crowd. They never reference the unusual, advanced characteristics of the debris recovered back in 1947. There is never any accounting for the paper-thin, weightless material that a sixteen-pound sledgehammer could not even scratch….that even bullets could not penetrate. There is no mention of the fiber optics described so succinctly by the people who held it in their very hands. “I put my lighter up to one end and the light shown out the other,” described witness Bill Brazel. Not surprisingly, there is never any acknowledgment of the material that was super strong yet possessed perfect memory. None of the eyewitness depictions of the hieroglyphic-like symbolism on any of the wreckage structures has ever been translated. In addition, they resemble no language on this earth. How can such precise details recounted by dozens of both military and civilian witnesses be ignored? – Only if it does not fit the new prosaic storyline painted by these science fiction writers. Fiction, in that the testimony of the actual participants is discounted and then spun to support a fabricated new version. Does any one truly believe that should any power on earth, be it German or Russian, had invented such advanced hardware during WW2 it would certainly have become the number one super power in the world! Historically, The Soviet Union would not detonate their first atomic bomb until August 1949 – two years after the Roswell crash! In addition, as of 2011, they are still flying jets, rockets, and nothing that would suggest alien intervention of any kind. There isn’t a car or aircraft in the world constructed of memory material.

The true Roswell Incident clearly proves otherwise. Over 500 witnesses who have testified concerning the event of 1947 cannot all be wrong and would certainly win hands-down in any courtroom throughout the US. Admissible deathbed confessions are all describing the “little men” and the “little people” and they leave no doubt that they are witnesses to non-human bodies.

As I write this piece, the Space Shuttle Atlantis has just safely landed for the very last time at Cape Canaveral. After thirty years, the shuttle program is officially over, ends with a whimper, and is barely covered by the American media. NASA will now have to hitch a ride with the Russians for any future space excursions. The irony of such a tragic end to the US space program is the only Russian connection to 1947. What indeed plummeted out of the sky on that stormy night in early July was not Russian, German, American, or from any other country on this planet. In 1947, outside of Roswell, New Mexico, we retrieved the wreckage of a craft manufactured on another world, and we apparently did not learn much from it. This once again is consistent with the eyewitness testimony that has stated on the record just how sophisticated the technology was – and remains to this day.

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