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Another Roswell “Smoking Gun”

Article By: Thomas J. Carey


Building upon their #1 best-seller, Witness to Roswell: Unmasking the 60-Year Cover-Up [Career Press/New Page Books, 2007], investigative authors Thomas J. Carey and Donald R. Schmitt have delivered another “page-turner” with their new expanded and updated sequel for 2009 entitled, Witness to Roswell: Uncovering the Government’s Biggest Cover-Up.

Following the same format as the original, the 2nd edition of Witness to Roswell, [the 1st edition has been termed by many as “the best book on Roswell ever written”] is filled with additional witness testimony, eye-popping revelations – including new “deathbeds” – and at least one “smoking gun” piece of evidence, which will leave no doubt in the reader’s mind that the so-called “Roswell Incident” of 1947 involved a crash of an alien spaceship with crew, their recovery and brutal cover-up by now-identified “enforcers” of the U.S. military that involved intimidation, threats – and worse – of “the biggest story since the parting of the Red Sea!”

Not impressed with the hundreds of witnesses who have attested to the extraterrestrial nature of Roswell that the authors have located and interviewed during their combined forty years of investigating the 1947 events [although, after reading Witness to Roswell, many of those who had previously been “on the fence” about Roswell in the past now profess that they no longer have any doubts about its reality], the few obdurate “skeptics” left standing out there are clinging by their fingertips to the final fallback refrain of, “There is no evidence … no ‘smoking gun’… ” By “evidence,” of course, these worthies mean physical evidence that can be scientifically studied and tested, chemically or under an electron microscope, for example. They completely overlook that fact that “evidence” is also legal concept that includes compelling witness testimony, and such evidence – by itself – has acted as the de facto proof required to send many a criminal on a date with the electric chair.

The use of the term, “smoking gun,” originated in a late 19th century Sherlock Holmes story, The Gloria Scott by Arthur Conan Doyle, to describe the scene of seeing a criminal who had just committed the crime of shooting someone. The implication was that seeing the murderer with a smoking or recently-fired “pistol” still in his hand served as “incontrovertible incrimination” of the crime just committed. Over the years, the term has been broadened to include any object or fact – not just guns and smoke – that serves as “proof” of a crime. The term gained additional popularity in the 1970’s during the Watergate investigation when the U.S. House Judiciary Committee was searching for a “smoking gun” [i.e., “conclusive evidence” that a crime had been committed] with which to impeach President Nixon. In the end, they found one in the form of a tape recording of the president instructing his White House staff to proceed with a plan to try to impede an F.B.I. investigation of his office. And the rest is history. Since then, the meaning and use of the term has been invoked in areas totally unrelated to criminal activity, such as deciding competing scientific or historical theories and arguments with “smoking gun” [i.e., conclusive or persuasive] evidence.

In the 1st edition of Witness to Roswell, Carey and Schmitt presented compelling and persuasive evidence in the form of witness testimony that, using the “reasonable person” standard of believability, a UFO and its crew had indeed crashed in the high desert of New Mexico near the town of Roswell. A Sealed Statement of the Roswell airbase’s public information officer in 1947 was also offered into evidence. Considering the fact that Walter Haut was the one who issued the famous press release that a “flying saucer” had been “captured” by the Army Air Forces at Roswell, many of those knowledgeable about the Roswell case saw his posthumous “confession,” that the Roswell crash of 1947 was that of a UFO and its crew, as “smoking gun” evidence sealing the verdict. A copy of Walter Haut’s actual signed, Sealed Statement is included in the 2nd edition of Witness to Roswell.

The authors “hit-it-out-of-the-park” again in the expanded and updated, 2nd edition of Witness to Roswell by delivering another “smoking gun” into the burgeoning Roswell E.T. evidence pool, this one involving the long sought-after “Holy Grail of Roswell” – physical evidence, more precisely, the “memory metal” that comprised so much of the physical wreckage from the crashed UFO, as purported by eyewitnesses. According to their testimonies, the “metal” was as light as a feather yet indestructible, and it could be crumpled-up in one’s hand only to return to its original shape without a crease after its release. Within months of the Roswell crash, the Air Force base where the Roswell wreckage was taken commissioned a local “think-tank” with long-held ties to U.S. Government projects to conduct research into the development of “shape-recovery,” or “morphing-metal” by zeroing in on alloys of two specific metals only. The ultimate result of this research was the announced development of what we know from our Roswell research as “memory-metal.” Through the indefatigable efforts of a heretofore unknown Roswell researcher who has been “on the trail” of such evidence for years, the reader will learn the name of the “memory-metal” and the efforts of our government to keep its developmental history secret. From the available scientific literature, this researcher has been able to trace the developmental history of our very own “memory-metal” all the way back to its inspiration that any “reasonable person” could only conclude was – Roswell.

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